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Coaching, Mentoring and Workshop Facilitation - developing leadership capability, management effectiveness and business productivity
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Leadership & Business Coaching / Mentoring

We coach and mentor with a relationship focus and tailor each program to meet client needs. CoachStation leadership and business coaches and mentors are engaged by leaders and organisations eager to dedicate development time and resources to individuals, adding value to personal goals and business results.

Our Brisbane-based team of leadership and business coaches will help you to make the difference you need.

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Business Consultants & Advisors

Is your organisation ‘humming’ along? If you are like many managers and business owners, you know what is not working as well as you would like, yet remain unsure what you can do about it. Taking a step forward is often the most difficult part. We help identify the gaps, challenges and most importantly, appropriate actions.

Our goal is to partner with you to ensure you get the most out of your employees and improve business results.

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Leadership & Management Training

Our qualified facilitators and trainers have many years of experience in leading teams, delivering leadership training / management development programs and related workshops. We are often engaged to facilitate learning in groups and then support this through targeted coaching and mentoring programs.

A powerful combination to improve leadership and management knowledge, competence and capability.

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Coaches, Mentors, Trainers & Consultants

The CoachStation leadership development, business consulting and coaching team consists of carefully selected professionals who share and live our values and beliefs. We provide tailored coaching, training and consulting programs for organisations of all sizes and across industries.

Contact us to arrange a consultation and learn how we can assist you and your organisation.

Assisting managers and organisations

Do you sometimes think that your business could be achieving more, but you don't know how to change it or where to turn to for help? We can assist.

Business leadership and management development is critical to your business success. CoachStation provides honest, challenging, yet beneficial support and opportunity for growth.

The ability to build meaningful, genuine relationships and embed within clients’ worlds, teams and organisations is the CoachStation point of difference. We earn the right and trust to have the conversation and influence action that makes the difference.

Are your managers and leaders as effective as they could be?

What focus has your organisation put on genuine development of its current and future leaders?

Are you happy with your culture...are your employees?

Could your business results improve with the right assistance and development?

CoachStation's track record in assisting organisation's and people to get the best out of themselves, their employees and positively impact business results is exceptional. We know this because our clients and customers tell us so.

We recognise that every opportunity and client requires a unique approach tailored to meet their needs. That is why we focus on real partnerships, skill development, self-awareness and results .

  • Over 90% of our clients re-engage CoachStation beyond the initial engagement or program.

    We are very proud of this statistic as it represents quality in what we offer and do. Consistent positive feedback proves that our clients are certain that we can assist and develop their leaders, employees and teams. We earn the right to have whatever conversation is required and focus on small, incremental and achievable improvements.

  • When training is reinforced with coaching and mentoring there is an increase in productivity of an average of 86% compared to 22% through training alone.

    Self-development through coaching and mentoring is only achievable when there is a trusted relationship. Reinforcing learning through tailored leadership and business coaching and mentoring has a massive impact on your organisation, the coachee, their team and results.

  • Our CoachStation coaching model continues to be very effective in helping business leaders and people exceed their goals and expectations. According to Forbes, the number 1 reason (48% of respondents) that a coach is engaged is to develop high potential leaders and assist in transitioning employees. Would a similar opportunity and program add value to you and your business?

  • The Gallup organisation states that 67% of the workforce is not engaged. Various surveys also show that when an employee leaves an organisation, it is as a direct result of their immediate manager. This is avoidable and one of the key reasons CoachStation focuses on what we do. It doesn't have to be this way, however inaction and fear too often stop managers from making leadership development a priority. Take the first step today.


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