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Why CoachStation?

What makes our organisation the one to choose for leadership and business development?

Coaching and Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are increasingly sought after tools, accessed by business leaders and organisations eager to dedicate development time and resources at an individual level, adding value to personal goals, business opportunities and results. Our team of coaches will help you to make the difference you need.

Consultants and Advisors

The CoachStation consultant and advisory team have decades of experience and practical application influencing business growth, change and successful implementation. We provide practical and sustained opportunities for people and organisations to maximise effectiveness, contribution, results and value.

Facilitation and Training

Our qualified facilitators and trainers have many years of experience in leading teams, delivering leadership development programs and related workshops. We recognise the importance of increasing knowledge, competence and capability through tailored workshops and genuine, ongoing support.

CoachStation Team

The CoachStation team consists of carefully selected coaches, facilitators/trainers and consultants who share and live our values and beliefs.We always ensure that our success is not compromised by the pursuit of our next client or being too large to truly care about making a difference.

About CoachStation

Assisting organisations to move beyond intention...into action.

CoachStation ensures leadership is applied beyond good intention and becomes what you do, not simply something that you know. We help organisations and leaders to find personal and professional success through tailored coaching, mentoring, advisory and development programs. We implement meaningful change through development programs and consulting services tailored to fit your needs, not via applying a generic program that has little sustainable benefit to you and your organisation. A few examples of the focus areas, tools and themes that we regularly use can be seen on the right.

  • Leadership Development

    CoachStation provides various training and development programs, that can be applied at team, group or individual level.

  • Strengths

    The most prominent gains in improvement for individual employees, teams and leaders begins with a primary investment in identifying and working with pre-existing talents and strengths.

  • Values

    The self-awareness and knowledge of what is most important to you can help to identify how you act, what motivations drive you and why you react to particular events or situations more than others or in certain ways.

  • Collaborate and Learn

    The CoachStation Collaborate & Learn program provides the opportunity to share with and learn from peers and leaders within your own and other industries and organisations.

I enjoyed the opportunity to share and understand all differing views – an eye-opener in every aspect.

State Sales Manager, Mundipharma
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CoachStation Team

The CoachStation team consists of highly competent, carefully selected coaches, facilitators/trainers and consultants who share and live our values and beliefs.
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Steve Riddle

Director, Leader, Coach and Mentor
Steve has a career spanning over 25 years across multiple industries, primarily in leadership roles. A focus and passion for developing people, businesses and organisations has made a genuine difference that has been acknowledged by all of Steve’s clients and business partners.
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Darryl Fletcher

Mentor and Business Associate
Darryl has a wealth of experience in leadership, service improvement, sales and performance management. Darryl is widely recognised as an outstanding performer with proven expertise in team building and cultural development.
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Louise Healy

Coach, Facilitator and Business Associate
Louise has been designing and delivering leadership development programs to individual leaders and groups for over 14 years. Her exceptional knowledge of contemporary leadership development practice and a real understanding of what works effectively.
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Julie Riddle

Director and Human Resources Coach
Julie has over 20 years of contribution to and experience in customer service focused industries and roles. Julie has an incredible depth of experience and capability across a range of roles, including Human Resources; Learning and Development; Recruitment; and Contractor Management.
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Richard Powell

Trainer/Facilitator and Business Associate
Richard is an experienced Learning and Development professional who has a focus on developing people through facilitation, coaching and practice. Richard has well developed skills in small and large workshop delivery, problem solving and leadership.
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Stephan Wagener

Trainer, Coach and Business Associate
Stephan is an experienced leader within customer service environments concentrating on operational support. He has developed significant experience and an outstanding reputation in workforce management, change leadership, team leadership and process design.

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