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  • Steve Riddle is a Brisbane-based leader, consultant and coach having worked with various organisations in Australia within the Finance, Contact Centre, Pharmaceutical, Architectural and Insurance … [Read More]

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CoachStationTick Use our experience and expertise to improve leadership and management capability
CoachStationTick Demonstrate the link between effective leadership, business results and outcomes
CoachStationTick Coach and mentor to develop authentic, effective and efficient leaders
CoachStationTick Provide expert advice on areas impacting the success of your business
CoachStationTick Understand your business to provide direction, insights and sustainable change
CoachStationTick Show through action how people are the core to business success
CoachStationTick Grow confidence, self-belief and cultural awareness across your team
CoachStationTick Develop more effective and efficient teams

Leadership & Change Management

CoachStation: Culture and Outcomes

CoachStation: Contact Centre Leadership Case Study 2013-14

Steve Riddle was engaged in early 2013 to provide consulting, leadership and people development services and produce a report summarising the strengths and areas for improvement that existed at that time. The approach to undertake this review, prepare the report and provide recommendations was to engage stakeholders at all levels of the business including the contact centre, hardship, complaints teams and relevant people external to the centre. The original consultation period and … Read More...