September 18, 2012

Leadership & Management Development

Ongoing leadership development is a key business strategy and ensures your business remains competitive.

Our experience and external evidence continues to demonstrate that leaders have the single biggest impact on employee engagement and commitment. 

CoachStation facilitates many leadership development and management training programs to develop skills, capability and effectiveness as a leader and person. Additionally, development of your employees provides you and your business the opportunity to learn more about yourself; how you relate to your organisation; business strategy and outcomes; professional development; and personal growth/improvement.

CoachStation: Leadership Development and GrowthLeadership development, employee-focused workshops and personal growth leads to many recognised benefits, including:

  • Greater leadership and management capability
  • Gains in capability, confidence and self-awareness
  • Increased financial profit
  • Improved retention / reduced attrition
  • Greater ability to meet goals
  • Increased customer satisfaction and employee engagement

All CoachStation Leadership Development Programs are tailored and designed with you in mind. Flexibility, sustainable change and improved results are always our focus. Our clients continue to tell us that we meet and exceed this expectation, which we would like to provide you. The content and design is structured to ensure participants and clients can apply the new learning in practice.

The programs are hands-on, providing opportunity to share views and situations ensuring that the content is personalised and relevant for each participant.

Themes covered during leadership, training, coaching and mentoring sessions typically include topics like:

  • Understanding Leadership and Management
  • Goal Setting and Action Planning
  • Development, Coaching and Feedback
  • Communication Skills
  • Effective Team Building and Management
  • Building Leadership Capability
  • Your Customers
  • Personal Profiling: Self-Awareness, Acknowledgement and Growth
  • The Challenges of Modern Leadership
  • Your Personal and Professional Brand
Growth and improvement through coaching; training; team-based growth; business acumen; cultural awareness and related focus areas provides the best opportunity for change and improvement.
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