September 18, 2012

Personal Values Assessments

It is important to understand your values and why they matter to you and those closest to you.

Values assessments improve self-awareness and knowledge of what is most important to you. This knowledge can create a deeper level of self-acceptance. It helps to identify how you act, what motivations drive you and why you react to particular events or situations more than others or in certain ways. Values can and do change over time. Influences such as environment, parental influence, teachers/schooling, friendship groups, specific situations and many other contributing factors. Importantly, values are shaped through both negative and positive experiences.

Wordnetweb defines values as the, beliefs of a person or social group in which they have an emotional investment (either for or against something). Values exert major influence on the behavior of an individual and serve as broad guidelines in all situations ( 

Since becoming more aware of what values are and the place they hold in my life I have discovered a stronger sense of comfort that was missing previously. This higher level of self-awareness has powerful applications and can be obtained from our values assessments. Let me provide an example regarding the impact of values and the benefit of a deeper understanding of values.

A CoachStation Personal Values assessment will assist you to better understand yourself and your drivers.

In the past I would sometimes be driving home at the end of a day feeling frustrated, angry, disappointed or some other negative emotional response. I would often dwell on these emotions and the events that triggered my responses. A short time later, due to the ‘build-up’ of my emotions I would start to become angrier and more frustrated. This reflected my lack of ability to understand myself and why I couldn’t let the moment pass. Sometimes, this inability to simply ‘let it go’ became a bigger issue for me than the initial events that triggered my response in the first place.

CoachStation: Values Assessments & The Real-DealGaining a better understanding of personal values and my own responses has allowed me to recognise that in the vast majority of cases when I was most frustrated or disappointed, it was due to one or more of my core values being breached. Understanding my responses and the reasons why has provided a solid platform for me to move through those moments more readily. I still have negative responses or reactions. However, understanding my responses better has more effectively allowed me to manage my own emotions relative to the situation.

This is something that we would like to assist you with. Particularly if the story detailed above means something to you. CoachStation uses the Real Deal Values assessment tool developed by Peak Learning. We use this tool extensively in Coaching and Leadership Development. It is one of the most powerful processes to self-assess and gain a better understanding of your values.

Contact CoachStation today to book your personal values assessments session. Discover what you value most and how this may be impacting your work and home life.

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