January 20, 2016

Human Resources & Administration Solutions

CoachStation supports organisations and leaders through assisting in development of functional, sustainable and effective Human Resources and Administration processes. 


Leadership, business growth and Human Resources (HR) go hand-in-hand…and yet there are specific and unique skills required to be an effective HR practitioner and provide meaningful HR services.  We are engaged to provide original solutions to businesses that require assistance in developing and organising their HR tasks and departments.

Do your leaders and teams have appropriate support to be really effective in what they do?

Do you understand the link between strong Human Resources practice and your organisations’s culture?

Do you have appropriate and useful Human Resources policies and practices in place?

Are you comfortable managing the administration tasks in your organisation?

If you answered no to any of the questions listed above, we can help. Most commonly we assist small and medium sized organisations to develop HR tools and strategies that create a solid platform for business success.

CoachStation: Human Resources & Administration

Human Resources is one of the most underutilised and misrepresented areas of business. We will help you build a better understanding on the link between HR and culture in practice, not just in theory. Our expertise and services include both advising and development in the following areas:

  • Human Resource coordination, administration and communication including contract maintenance, people management and employment commencement/induction requirements (superannuation and payroll).
  • Coordination of recruitment including conducting interviews, contractor and resource management, communication with management on commercial rate details and maintaining relationships with all staff, consultants and contractors.
  • Design of employee performance review documentation and coordination of reporting to management and staff.
  • Staff resource management and coordination of consultant availability.
  • Management and leadership development.
  • Workplace and leadership coaching and mentoring.
  • Development, implementation, review and monitoring of corporate procedures, policies and handbooks.
  • Creation and management of training and induction programs, including management of training material, recording of training budgets and preferred providers.
  • Internal communications including design, content creation and distribution of staff updates, internal newsletters and management advisory.
  • Project support, including tender submission and documentation requirements.