Strengths Based Leadership Workshop, Mundipharma

Feedback provided from 2-day Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop with Pharmaceutical company:

  • It was facilitated extremely well and it was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into myself and colleagues.
  • Great eye-opener into where we should be spending our time and effort.
  • Steve – experienced facilitator who adapted to our group needs brilliantly.
  • Really resonated with personal and professional values. I would like 1:1 coaching with Steve – Steve is a great facilitator.
  • Well-paced. Great balance of delivery of information, open-floor discussions and references to other concepts.
  • Liked the ‘flow’ – ending on the actions.

Responses to the question: On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is poor and 10 is outstanding) how would you rate the workshop overall?

Avg score of 9.14

…and the responses provided from participants to the question: Would you recommend CoachStation and Steve Riddle to a friend or colleague?

100% of participant responses (15 participants) = Yes.

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