September 12, 2012


We know that leadership effectiveness has a direct correlation to customer satisfaction and employee engagement…helping organisations and leaders translate this philosophy into practical development and success is our goal. One of our core objectives is to make sure that business leaders have the capability, skills and confidence to perform at their highest level.

It is for these reasons that we are both proud and humbled by feedback and testimonials provided by those who our team have worked with.

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Coaching Workshops

Feedback provided from a designed and facilitated Coaching Workshop program with a local Council, South-East Queensland – 70+ Participants @ 2 x 3 hours each:

What did you like most about the program?

  • The content was real life. The delivery was excellent and the content would and should help managers, especially new ones.
  • Relevant, concise information – Steve’s delivery.
  • Facilitator was engaging and very knowledgable.
  • Steve R. was a wealth of knowledge.
  • Clear, practical information that was well-presented.
  • Learning about coaching – first time provided. Great opportunity for the organisation and changing culture.
  • Models that we could take away and consider implementing/introducing.
  • Practical application for immediate use within my team.
  • Steve is a very good presenter and I felt comfortable with his delivery.
  • Steve was an engaging presenter – kept the course flowing and on track.

Drew Reese, Manager, Employment Services

I’ve had the privilege of being a client of Steve’s via Coach Station for a 6 month personal and professional development journey. In that time, Steve became an extremely important part of my professional working life. During my time being coached by Steve he helped me to achieve a wide range personal leadership and professional development goals.

Steve consistently challenged my thoughts and behaviours in relation to being a leader which was accomplished by providing me with honest feedback which helped me achieve a baseline at the beginning of my journey with Coach Station. Steve has provided me with a wide selection of resources throughout my journey which included written and digital material which I found extremely useful and helped me throughout my journey. I am now able to more effectively manage stressful situations, while continuing to be able to provide a high level of support to my team in relation to helping them achieve their performance goals.

Steve has transformed my life, my thought processes and I believe that I am a better person and a better leader!!

Coaching and Mentoring

Within minutes of meeting Steve, I could tell that he was a person who was going to help me shape my own future. His awareness, skills and deep authenticity to help others was immediately evident and I am very thankful to have been fortunate enough to work with Steve.

Steve very quickly assessed where I was at professionally and personally, and adjusted his program and sessions to ensure it was tailored to challenge me and prompt me to take the next step with confidence.

Finally I would say that Steve doesn’t shy away from what you need to hear. Steve will call it out, call you out, and then help you figure out – exactly what I needed.

Ian Spirit-Jones
Toyota Financial Services

Leadership Development Workshop, BUPA

Feedback provided from leadership and team-based development sessions within Bupa, Australia:

  • Steve had a great understanding of our objectives, behaviours, expectations before the workshop which allowed valuable facilitation in the short time-frame.
  • Great level of engagement from the group was proof.
  • I was initially sceptical about the use of an external facilitator, but was very impressed with all that was achieved during the sessions.
  • It was better than I expected as I really enjoyed the different format of the workshop.
  • I really like the genuine connection about all the aspects and that all the aspects are achievable.

…and the responses provided from participants on a scale of 0-10 to the question: How likely is it that you would recommend Steve and CoachStation to a friend or colleague?

100% of participant responses ‘Rated 9  & 10 – Extremely Likely’

Head of Product & Sales Support

Over the years I have been on many management courses and coaching sessions. Being coached and mentored by Steve has been the most effective to date. It has changed the way I approach my day to day work as well as my personal life at home. Some of the discussions we had were quite confronting for me but Steve’s approach to coaching and mentoring made these realisations clear and concise. I have already seen the benefits of this coaching and would not only recommend Steve’s services but encourage you to seek out Steve if you are committed to make positive changes to yourself and your business / employees. My team have also been the beneficiary of coaching from Steve and I can say it has made a massive impact to our effectiveness as a team as well as our engagement. Thank you Steve.

Ruwan Wijetunga
Toyota Financial Services

Manager, Financial Services

It was very practical and focussed on strategies and behaviours that I could implement in real life situations to be more effective in my role. It helped me to take action on things that I was unsure initially how best to handle, as I knew each month I would have an opportunity to seek advice from someone who I trust and respect. This way I could park something difficult and seek that advice prior to taking action, or discuss what my approach had been and either alter my approach if the matter was ongoing, or at the least have a learning and reflection opportunity shortly thereafter.

Steve was very supportive and considered, but not shy in challenging my thinking or giving a strong opinion on how something might be approached, even if Steve knew that I might find some of his views challenging or might disagree with his opinion. I respected that integrity/honesty in his approach.
Steve held me accountable to myself and to my responsibilities in my role.

Sukhdev S, IT Manager

This program has made me more conscious and aware of the emotional intelligence factors. It has given me the realisation that to be a better leader and improve relationship, one needs to really take note of the emotional intelligence elements and be able to step in another person’s shoes to understand where they’re coming from.

I’m more self and socially aware of the interactions and have adapted my interaction style into more collaborative than directing. The results of this is the great team I now have around me – the relationships have improved and have personally received good feedback on this. The “values” assessment was awesome. I’ve never really done a values assessment before and this was an eye opener in terms of what is important to me and how it relates to the emotions I’m feeling when working with others.

Leading in a changing world

With the amount of change in our organisation and society, it is both a business and personal priority to develop myself and my teams so as to not only achieve the desired goals, but in a manner that is consistent with one’s core values. This course has been both enjoyable and rewarding in developing the necessary skills and awareness. The positive impact on myself, my team and my personal life is immeasurable. Thank you Steve and the team at CoachStation!

Senior Manager
Financial Services

Strengths Based Leadership Workshop, Mundipharma

Feedback provided from 2-day Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop with Pharmaceutical company:

  • It was facilitated extremely well and it was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into myself and colleagues.
  • Great eye-opener into where we should be spending our time and effort.
  • Steve – experienced facilitator who adapted to our group needs brilliantly.
  • Really resonated with personal and professional values. I would like 1:1 coaching with Steve – Steve is a great facilitator.
  • Well-paced. Great balance of delivery of information, open-floor discussions and references to other concepts.
  • Liked the ‘flow’ – ending on the actions.

Responses to the question: On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is poor and 10 is outstanding) how would you rate the workshop overall?

Avg score of 9.14

…and the responses provided from participants to the question: Would you recommend CoachStation and Steve Riddle to a friend or colleague?

100% of participant responses (15 participants) = Yes.

Business Leader, GE Money

For many years I stumbled my way through opportunities given to me based on my “Natural Abilities”.  But with all these opportunities I never found a way to differentiate between these natural abilities and my strengths, which left me wandering in a “middle ground wilderness”, unable to convert these opportunities into successes.  Using a great balance of drive, humour, directness and humility Steve enabled me to be myself and therefore take real ownership of my development for the first time.  His patience in working with me to identify that my strengths were not necessarily the things that were the easiest for me is one of the greatest gifts a leader can give.

This realisation allowed me to stretch and push myself in ways I had never thought or dreamed. Steve conducts himself with a level of integrity in all that he does that is inspiring, but never intimidating. Steve helped me achieve many things professionally, but his ability to connect with me as a person has, I believe, had a great influence on preparing me for the most important role of all – parent.  Thank you Steve – you have definitely made a difference.

Team Leader, Finance Industry

We often talk about ‘value add’, and how one needs to first earn credibility through role modelling expertise and values as a foundation to do so. Through your leadership skills and the manner by which you conduct yourself, and the passion you display in coaching and empowering others, with an unwavering focus on our personal and professional development, the value you have added to my life is immeasurable.

Gary Leonard, General Manager, Toyota Financial Services

Steve was asked to wear many hats in this role: leader, consultant, contact centre manager and trainer. He has handled all these roles with great professionalism. He has, in fact, delivered an 18 month plan in 12 months. Steve is a strongly principled individual who has led by example. He leaves behind a high performing contact centre, scarcely recognisable from the centre Steve was introduced to 2 years ago. We are delighted that he has agreed to continue his working relationship with Toyota Financial Services going forward with a particular focus on leadership.

Tony Tzoumacas, Project Manager

I have worked with, and for, Steve for over 6 months and have been inspired by his leadership and drive to deliver much needed change. Personally he has helped me develop and reach my full potential in a remarkably short period of time. Steve’s value system is evident in his personal style and desire to truly make a difference. Whether through one on one coaching or team presentations, he has managed to positively influence not only his team, but various departments throughout the organisation, resulting in much improved visibility and  productivity for our business.  It his respect for others and desire to make a difference that makes Steve a stand-out in the organisation.

His passion, engagement and honesty are evident in his dealings with others and it is these attributes that have made Steve a success. (It’s no wonder everyone wants to join his team!) – I only hope I am fortunate enough to work with him again in the future.

Carl S, Executive Manager, RACQ

In my professional career and personal life I have met a number of endearing and wonderful people and Steve is one of these. Steve has a great understanding and knowledge of Leadership, Coaching, and Change Management. More importantly, Steve holds and delivers a rare gift in helping others, whether as an individual or a team to achieve their best. Steve has had a profound impact on my personal, professional and business development and this has led to significant improvement in both professional development and business activity and results. I highly recommend anyone to contact and engage with Steve to undertake a unique journey that will lead you to understand your business better and grow as an individual and organisation.

Michael Hubert, Team Leader, Toyota Financial Services

Steve has had a big impact on me and who I am as a leader. He has shown me what true leadership is, and has been integral in completely changing the culture of our team.
He has not only coached and developed our leadership team but has taught us how to effectively coach and develop our own people. Steve has had a big impact on my personal development. The things he has taught me I will take with me and be able to use and build on for the rest of my career. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve and I would not hesitate to take the opportunity to work with him again.


We are proud of our track-record in assisting clients to develop their leadership capability and organisational growth. If you would like to share your thoughts regarding how CoachStation has assisted you, your team and organisation to become more effective and successful, please leave your comments below.

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