August 22, 2012

What We Do



CoachStation focuses on Leadership and Business Development.

Effective leadership and the skills, traits and attributes required can be learned, however they must be practiced.       


CoachStation specialises in Leadership, Business Development, Organisational Consulting/Change and People Development. Our skills, experience and products include:

CoachStationTick Leadership & Management Development

CoachStationTick Leadership / Workplace Coaching & Mentoring

CoachStationTick Workshop Facilitation & Team Development

CoachStationTick Business Consultant & Advisor

CoachStation: Leadership and Business Coaching Brochure

Most importantly, it is why we do what we do that matters! Our core purpose is to make a genuine difference to those who we work with. We are humbled that feedback and evidence from previous clients has proven that we can.

The opportunity to assist managers and leaders to be genuinely comfortable in their roles; provide the necessary support to their team members; and contribute to their organisations success, are all core to our purpose. Interestingly, we see and hear quite often how difficult this is to achieve for many leaders and businesses.


CoachStation has the right team, methodologies and experience to genuinely contribute to your business development and success.

The challenge is not whether we can assist, it is often whether people recognise the need in the first place. By viewing the development and progress of your team as an investment, there is a greater likelihood of them feeling the alignment to the goals and values in practice and contributing to their own development more profoundly. If, after discussing your needs with us, you see people and leadership development as a cost, then we have not done our job.


Challenge us to see how we can assist you and your business.

Contact CoachStation today to arrange for your no cost, obligation-free consultation where we will help you to discover what will make your leaders and organisation truly effective. It is your leadership today that will make the difference for your team and business tomorrow.