September 19, 2012

Business Consultant & Advisor

Is your organisation ‘humming’ along? If you are like many managers and business owners, you know what is not working as well as you would like, yet remain unsure what you can do about it.
There are alternatives, yet taking a step forward is often the most difficult part. We can help identify the gaps, challenges and most importantly, appropriate actions and solutions.
The CoachStation business consultant and advisory team have decades of practical experience influencing business growth, change and improving results.

Our Director, Steve Riddle, is a Brisbane-based leader, business coach, mentor and consultant who has worked with various organisations in Australia within the Finance, Contact Centre, Pharmaceutical, Architectural and Insurance industries.

Steve’s previous roles included Head of Customer Service and Complaints for Toyota Finance Australia and National Customer Experience Leader for GE Money. These roles provided opportunity to hone my knowledge, capability and to understand business requirements including the keys that make certain businesses more successful than others. Making a difference through assisting people in their development and success is a core value of CoachStation.


CoachStation Consultaing and Business Advice


The type of questions we help clients answer and issues that are raised with us include:

  • My organisation is functioning OK, but I know it could be better.
  • We have promoted our managers from within, which is great. However, I sometimes feel as though they have not been supported as much as they should have been. What can we do now as an organisation to develop strong and effective leaders?
  • We could be doing more, due to being too busy to focus on our people. I know that I want to see change and improvement in our business, but where should I start?
  • Our business has grown significantly and very quickly, possibly too much so. We have lost momentum to a degree, rather than controlling it, so what can I do now to provide more direction.
  • Too many of our existing managers have had very little opportunity to grow in their roles. So, what should I focus on to improve this?
  • A deeper understanding of where your business is at currently and what you would like it to look like in 1 or 2 years time.
  • What’s working well and should be reinforced? What areas require improvement and are holding your business and employees back?


CoachStation business consultants focus on your organisation – specifically the leadership and employee components. As consultants and advisors to business, we provide practical and sustained development opportunities for people and organisations. 



CoachStation understands business and we recognise the ‘people’ element of your organisation significantly influences results. However, we also understand the key relationships between all 3 culture-influencing categories of People, Process and Technology.

Aligning the technology, systems/processes and people elements of your organisation to maximise engagement of employees, customers and achieve improved business results is the outcome we seek. Click on the image below to access a PDF version of our consulting model.


Apart from consulting, how else can CoachStation assist?

We offer a comprehensive and targeted review of your organisation. Following the review we provide a report highlighting key areas to focus on, including areas for improvement. This information is of great value in understanding current needs and future strategies or goals.


Our philosophy is to genuinely partner with you to understand your culture and needs.
Our business consultant experience and related development programs are dedicated to helping you to solve your challenges and ensure your organisation is as successful as possible.