September 19, 2012

Workshop Training & Facilitation


Our qualified facilitators and trainers have many years experience in leading teams, delivering leadership development programs and related workshops.

We recognise the importance of increasing knowledge, competence and capability.


Why engage CoachStation for workshop facilitation?

Leadership and business development through tailored workshops and ongoing support is a CoachStation focus.

Attendance in workshops can be a crucial step to learning and growth. However, few people have the ability to translate the information and new learning into long-term, transformational change or development. Over time and experience gained through developing people and leading teams, we have identified that development, genuine change and improvement do not originate from training alone.

Client feedback provided from 2-day Strengths-Based Leadership Workshop with Pharmaceutical company, Mundipharma:

  • It was facilitated extremely well and it was a fantastic opportunity to gain insights into myself and colleagues.
  • Great eye-opener into where we should be spending our time and effort.
  • Steve – experienced facilitator who adapted to our group needs brilliantly.
  • Really resonated with personal and professional values.
  • I would like 1:1 coaching with Steve – Steve is a great facilitator.
  • Well-paced. Great balance of delivery of information, open-floor discussions and references to other concepts. Liked the ‘flow’ – ending on the actions.

Responses to the question: On a scale of 1-10 (where 1 is poor and 10 is outstanding) how would you rate the workshop overall?

Avg score of 9.14

…and the responses provided from participants to the question: Would you recommend CoachStation and Steve Riddle to a friend or colleague?

100% of participant responses (15 participants) = Yes.

Steve Riddle & CoachStation: Strength Development Workshop 1115CoachStation takes development of people one step further by ensuring that the learning is meaningful, sustained and targeted to each individual. In our experience very few people are able to take the learning and apply meaningful, sustained improvement and change on their own. We provide the right training, supported and reinforced through follow-up and engagement to ensure that the learning is more than a ‘tick-box’ exercise.

Reinforced learning is key! Understanding how the training or development opportunity fits into the bigger picture, participant’s development, business and overall goals all form part of our programs.

How will CoachStation assist?

Training, in conjunction with coaching, ongoing support and an attitude of openness towards development, is four times more likely to lead to sustained change in behaviour. Understanding something or gaining new knowledge is not enough – reinforcement of this learning, specific to each client / participant is the difference that ensures the learning becomes transformational and long-term.

Our trainers and facilitators possess formal training and coaching qualifications along with many years of business and leadership experience. This knowledge ensures we always provide a tailored program, developed to meet the specific needs of you, your team and organisation.

The ability to relate, develop trust and reinforce learning is a core leadership skill. CoachStation can assist in developing this skill and many others in you and your teams. We take training beyond simply a learning exercise and make it a meaningful, long-term change.