September 19, 2012

High Performance Teams


Teamwork divides the task and multiplies the success. The ability to work as a team is a core component of organisational success and the power that is gained when teamwork truly exists is immense, yet is rarely acknowledged and genuinely sought.

In our experience it is a very real and tangible fact that an effective team punches above their weight in terms of impact.

Why engage CoachStation to help develop yourself and your teams?

Working as a team means that a group is working together towards a common goal where each team member works in a coordinated way that is understood by all. Significant business and personal benefits can be achieved through team development and maturity, either included as part of the leadership coaching or conducted separately. It is a powerful combination when the outcomes that stem from the following strategies and related actions are understood and become part of how your team operates:CoachStation: Building High Performance Teams

  • Understanding the elements that make up an effective and engaged team
  • Training and coaching a team to support each other and their leader
  • Understanding diversity and team fit
  • Recruitment and capability assessment
  • Effectiveness and efficiency in practice
  • Aligning the development of the leader and team
  • Creating standards, expectations and aligning goals
  • Working towards a common goal including those of the individual team and business


How will CoachStation assist to develop your teams?

Many components of effective leadership can be focused on with individuals and within a group, providing a platform for improved team structure and depth of knowledge. Leadership awareness and skills for your team members are just as relevant whether they have direct reports or not.

CoachStation High performance Teams participate in structured learning programs combined with individual assessments and development. This can consist of DiSC behavioural assessments, 1:1 coaching, team-based training and various other activities. Critically, it is through understanding your needs and expected outcomes that the most relevant program is developed that suits you.

Ultimately you, your leaders and your teams will be better off for having participated in a CoachStation Team-based program – that is our guarantee.

A leaders ability to provide more of what your employees want is critical to developing effective teams. The difference between employee expectations and leadership deliverables remains wide – what can you do to narrow the gap? Understanding the motivations and drivers of your team members is one critical aspect:


Coming together is a beginning.

Keeping together is progress.

Working together is success.

Henry Ford

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