September 19, 2012

Leadership Development



The necessary abilities and willingness to become an effective leader are often the critical steps between success and failure. A key difference is people working with you, not for you.

These attributes and skills can be learned. In most cases, existing talent and innate traits can be enhanced through developing yourself and those around you.



Can leaders be developed?

The short answer is yes. Leadership is a series of skills, an attitude, set of attributes and beliefs. It requires self-awareness, accountability, integrity and the ability to build trust. Few people are born with all of this.

We are often asked the following question related to leadership development:

What is the difference between a manager and leader? Do we need both?

What would success look like if we improved our leadership capability?

How do we make our training programs more effective?

Why are we not seeing the teamwork and growth in our employees that we want?

CoachStation coaches and facilitators can answer these questions in practice, and more. Our experience as leaders and coaches provides the ideal platform for genuine and sustainable development of every leader we work with.

Why engage CoachStation for leadership and management development?

Are you a leader or a manager?Leadership coaching brisbane

If you are not sure, ask your team members – they will be able to help to define the difference for you! If you feel that your team would not be willing or comfortable to discuss this with you, then that in itself is all the more reason why developing your leadership abilities will add so much value. Challenge your comfort zone.

Improved leadership capability and a focus on your personal and professional development provides greater satisfaction and fulfilment for you and your team. We are able to design a program that will enhance your ability to lead more effectively. Management and leadership both have a place in business, but the skills and capabilities for both are different.

Steve Riddle has over 23 years experience leading teams and working in and with a variety of businesses, all with their own specific needs and cultures. These include large multinational corporations; national finance and retail companies; and working overseas for small, local businesses and global companies. He leads the CoachStation team, who can help you to make the difference for your own teams.

Leadership Development Programs

Various targeted training and development programs designed for supervisors, middle and senior leaders to enhance results, effectiveness, capability and engagement.

Coaching and Mentoring – Leadership, Management and Workplace

Ongoing coaching and mentoring provided to ensure that development and change is supported and sustained. Often used in conjunction with training to support the leader and team members.

Strengths-Based Development

Extremely powerful leadership development and assessment tools seeking to identify focus areas to develop and build upon, specific to each client.

Values Assessment

CoachStation uses the Real Deal Values assessment tool. I use this tool extensively in Coaching and Leadership Development. Our values assessment is one of the most powerful processes to self-assess and improve self-awareness.

Our clients gain benefit and direction through the application of profiling tools, including personality tests, learning styles, behavioural and values assessments. The information gathered creates an accurate picture of your aptitude, learning needs and preferences.

In itself, this is useful information. However, the greatest power comes from the knowledge of self and enhanced understanding of what drives an individual. It helps to understand why a person may act in specific ways when confronted with the varied situations that life inevitably presents.

Improved knowledge and understanding allows greater control and ‘flexing’ of your style. This assists results, engagement, ability to influence, inclusiveness and relationship-building.