September 18, 2012

Resources & Assessments


The practical assessments and tools below assist in developing self-awareness and increase knowledge of yourself and your team.

The CoachStation assessments provide an opportunity to understand yourself, current situation and reflect on what things you may wish to change or enhance. Complete an assessment now to gauge what those areas are for yourself. Our assessments are free to use for your own purposes, without alteration. Click on the title link or CoachStation logo to access each resource and print as many copies as required.

Used in conjunction with our CoachStation coaching, leadership and management development programs provides greatest benefit.

CoachStation: Self-Awareness QuestionnaireCoachStation Self-Awareness Questionnaire

Complete this assessment to better understand your motivations, potential direction and goals. Your responses will assist to clarify direction and identify areas such as motivation, values and what aspects you may like to improve. Most people do not take the time to understand these elements and become frustrated, demotivated and challenged as a result.

CoachStation: Coaching and Mentoring Workbook
CoachStation Coaching and Mentoring Workbook

Prior to and during your coaching and mentoring program, the use of a workbook that is designed to accumulate all of your thoughts, possibilities and actions provides a greater likelihood of follow-through and sustainable change. This workbook provides all of this and more.

CoachStation: Coaching, Leadership and Accountability - REOWM Model
CoachStation REOWM Leadership, Coaching and Accountability Model

The CoachStation REOWM Leadership and Coaching Model is very effective in preparation for and during coaching and mentoring conversations. Follow the five steps to develop your skills as a coach and leader. You will find most of the more ‘difficult’ conversations become easier to work through through application of the REOWM Model.

CoachStation: Emotional Intelligence Assessment
CoachStation Emotional Intelligence Assessment (Excel Tool)
CoachStation Emotional Intelligence Background

Emotional Intelligence refers to the capacity to recognise and manage our own feelings and to recognise and respond effectively to those of others. This assessment and associated information sheet provide both a deeper understanding and an accurate sense of where your existing EI capability is placed. NB: Make sure that you save the Excel spreadsheet to your computer prior to and after completing the assessment so that you keep a permanent record of your results.


CoachStation: Leadership Traits and Attributes Self-Assessment
CoachStation Leadership Attributes and Skills Assessment (Excel Tool)
CoachStation Leadership Attributes and Skills Assessment – Definitions

This assessment provides insight and depth of understanding into many of the core attributes and traits that contribute to effective leadership. Carefully read the trait definitions, whilst relating the key words and phrases back to your situations and environment. This will provide a meaningful basis for assessing yourself out of 10 for each trait. For people who have older versions of Excel or prefer to complete the earlier version of this assessment, click here to access.

CoachStation: Employee Assessment 9-Blocker
CoachStation: Employee Assessment 9-Blocker

This tool encourages deeper and more specific thoughts and feedback when reflecting on the performance, potential and behaviours of your team members. The tool is most useful during 1:1’s, appraisals and coaching sessions and is best used quarterly to develop actions based on where you have plotted your employee(s) and development areas.

CoachStation: 4-Way Wins/Views - Stew Friedman
4-Way Wins/View: Stew Friedman

Scoring four-way wins starts by taking a clear view of what you want from and can contribute to each domain of your life, now and in the future, with thoughtful consideration of the people who matter most to you and the expectations you have for one another. Complete this assessment designed by Stew Friedman to better understand where you are now and what it could be.