September 18, 2012

Leadership Development Training Programs

CoachStation provides various leadership training and development programs incorporating workshops, coaching and mentoring options.

All of our development programs can be tailored to meet your needs and add the most value.


CoachStation learning and development training and workshops can be applied at team, group or individual level. We focus on delivery, improving competency and providing knowledge that can be applied immediately and practiced through supported learning.


CoachStation: Leadership Training, Coaching, Consulting and Mentoring

Strengths & Personal Values Development

Using the Strengths-Finder 2.0 tools to develop depth of understanding of self and use this information to help you become a more effective leader.  In this 1-day course, the concepts are analysed as a broad subject as well as assessments and subsequent summary information specific to each participant being provided and discussed.

Each participant receives a copy of the book, StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath. In addition, a StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment form part of this program. Completing the assessments provides the key to ongoing development and action plans.


Developing and Coaching Employees

The ability to influence and develop people and specifically direct reports is a critical skill for any leader. Coaching and leadership training are being applied increasingly in the business world. Organisations are finding that coaching is both good for business and employees.

This development workshop provides the modern leader / manager with the knowledge and skills to develop and coach others, generally members of their own team and/or direct reports. Benefits include improved performance; better client and customer service; increased confidence; more effective leadership; enhanced relationships; succession planning and increased goal achievement. Additionally, personal development improves self-esteem, self-awareness and other attributes which provides a stronger platform for you to succeed.



All CoachStation workshops, leadership training and development programs can be run independently or in conjunction with our other programs. The best learning experience occurs when participants can relate to the content and make it ‘real’ within their own world.

As with all programs offered by CoachStation, tailored content and dedication to partnerships are critical to success. We believe this aspect differentiates our business from that of generic, mass-produced learning activities. Making development meaningful, relevant, sustainable and effective is our goal.