Welcome to your CoachStation Coaching and Mentoring Program

Coaching and mentoring provide an excellent opportunity to improve your self-awareness, leadership capability, influence and your interactions with others, amongst many other skills and attributes. I am certain that you will take much away from the program as long as you focus on and commit to the information provided on this page. We will discuss this content during your first coaching session, however it is worth starting to think about what you are looking to take away from your program before we begin. At all times, clarity and transparency will be provided to ensure a level of comfort, trust and value is provided.

The coaching sessions are conducted in person or online as agreed between the coach and client. You are an individual with specific traits, characteristics and desires, forming the basis for your ongoing development. Coaching is most successful through effort, accountability and a willingness to:

Understand that coaching is a comprehensive process that may involve all areas of your life. It requires commitment to focus on and achieve your goals. You acknowledge that deciding how to handle these issues, incorporate coaching into these areas and implement change choices is your responsibility.

Commit to completing work and practicing discussed fundamentals between sessions, including the action plan you create.

Understand that the purpose of our interaction is to support you in navigating the path chosen for yourself.

Commit to making the coaching relationship effective and be punctual for all appointments

If the coaching is not progressing as you would like, discuss this with your coach so that we can make adjustments that will assist in you achieving optimal results.  In all cases CoachStation coaching and mentoring is results-oriented and action-based through a tailored and flexible approach.



The CoachStation coaching team have significant organisational and leadership expertise, coaching experience and a depth of expertise in mentoring individuals. This combination provides the best opportunity for people to be developed. We have been able to assist our clients in many ways, including our ability to:

  • Help leaders to improve their communication skills, build relationships and manage conflict.
  • Assist leaders in developing and implementing effective strategies to lead their teams and organisations through change and uncertainty.
  • Provide personalised and tailored guidance to address specific leadership challenges and goals.
  • Help leaders identify their strengths and areas for improvement, and develop strategies to enhance their leadership skills.
  • Offer objective and unbiased feedback to leaders, which can help them to improve self-awareness and decision-making abilities.
  • Provide a safe and confidential space for leaders to reflect on their experiences and explore new perspectives.
  • Help leaders and managers increase their confidence and resilience, and overcome obstacles and barriers to success.
  • Learn how to and the importance of being able to move from a focus on the problem to a focus on solutions.
  • Support leaders in achieving their career and personal goals, including creating a more fulfilling and satisfying balance/sense of being in control..
  • Ultimately, engaging a leadership coach can help leaders to become more effective, fulfilled, and successful in your role, and have a positive impact on their teams and organisations.

Prior to the first session you have four main actions to complete, detailed and accessible below.

The benefits are that you start to think about yourself and what your goals and direction could be, whilst getting a feel for the program.


Action 1

Before starting your coaching and mentoring program with CoachStation, take some time to read our Coaching & Mentoring brochure.

This will provide additional context and background, whilst answering key questions many of our clients ask.

Action 2

Our blog, Engagement and Motivating Employees highlights several key points and introduces 2 of our core models that will be relevant during your coaching.

Before we meet, please take the time to read our blog and make notes to bring to your first session.

By highlighting the points that resonate the most for you, we can identify potential actions for you to apply. The content is relevant whether you have direct reports or not.

We have created a simple framework that we will follow throughout the program, which provides the foundation for a successful coaching program and your development.

Agenda: Thoughts and situations you would like to discuss in your next session. These can come from anywhere, but think broadly about your development as a human as well as a leader and employee. Mostly, your development will be situational learning, based on what is happening in your world. When you drive the agenda, we can accurately and powerfully build a program that is relevant to you and incorporates both conceptual and practical learning.

Observations/Progress: Notes regarding your actions and results since your last coaching session + notes taking during each coaching session. This is critical, as you will not remember the details regarding how your actions have gone without taking a few notes down on the day:

    • how you went applying the action(s)?
    • was there improvement?
    • how do you know it worked?
    • what still requires work or focus?
    • how did it feel?

Actions: What actions and steps will you take between now and your next session?

We will work together to identify and agree on actions from every session. This is where the program ‘gold’ is. There are no shortcuts or tricks, however there is great benefit and reward if you put the effort in.

Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions, otherwise we look forward to seeing you shortly and working with you to achieve even greater capability, satisfaction and success.

Action 3

Complete the CoachStation Self-Awareness Questionnaire by clicking the button below.

Once completed, a copy of your responses will be emailed to your nominated email address. We will also receive a copy, which will form a key part of our discussions and agenda for your first coaching and mentoring session.

Action 4

Before your first coaching session, if you wish to follow CoachStation on Facebook or LinkedIn channels, link via the buttons below.

We regularly write and share relevant articles and blogs, based on the themes that we will be working through with you.


Additionally, we have written over a hundred blogs specifically related to coaching, organisational culture and leadership, amongst dozens of other relevant themes.

We encourage you to explore our blogs, accessible below, and read any that you think may be of value to you to extend your development opportunity.