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Welcome to your Role Integration Coaching (RIC) program and congratulations on being successful in obtaining your new role. This is a very exciting opportunity and one that you should be very proud of.

We also recognise that starting a new job is a new chapter in your career and you will almost certainly experience a few challenges. The unknowns at this stage are many. However, these can quickly become ’knowns’ and you can find comfort early, through focusing on a few key areas and engaging in the RIC program, along with its associated support and coaching.

Next Steps:

Coaching Session Booking: Your CoachStation Coach will be in touch to book in your first coaching session. This is designed to be scheduled before you start your new role and runs for 1.5 hours.

During this initial coaching session, you and your coach will also agree on a time to meet for your second coaching opportunity, generally 3-4 weeks after starting your new role.

Interim coaching questions: you can also email us at any time with additional questions, thoughts or concerns that we will respond to and/or consider when planning for your second coaching session. Email us any time during the program at: