The CoachStation Graduate and Young Leaders Coaching and Mentoring Program is designed for team members who are participating in a graduate program or new to leading.
Our development program provides personalised guidance and support to help participants navigate the professional world with confidence and clarity, gain valuable insights, enhance skills, and accelerate career growth with our experienced coaches and mentors by your side.


Over the years Steve has developed a strong interest in assisting young leaders to develop strengths and competencies in leadership. This passion has increased through contribution to success of hundreds of coachees and experience in seeing the difference early leadership exposure and a focus on development can make.

Very few organisations deliberately set their leaders up to fail. However, too few develop a strategy and deliberate plan to set up their leaders for greater success. This is avoidable!

We have found that the greatest benefits are driven through supported coaching, mentoring and development of people entering the workforce and/or leadership roles before and during their roles, rather than remedial development after the event. This gives your team members and leaders the greatest opportunity to succeed…a situation where everyone benefits. 

The CoachStation Graduate Program Objectives are to enhance your organisation’s existing graduate program content, develop leadership skills and support graduates to more seamlessly integrate into your workplace.

With our support participants build essential leadership qualities, such as effective communication, decision-making, problem-solving, teamwork, and adaptability. The program’s focus on individual coaching, skill-building workshops, workplace integration support, and ongoing evaluation will contribute to the participants’ long-term success as leaders in their industry. Our graduate programs include: Graduate Program - CoachStation Coaching & Mentoring

Individual Coaching Sessions: Regular one-on-one coaching sessions between participants and our coaches. We encourage participants to discuss their goals, challenges, and progress in integrating into the workplace and developing leadership skills. We collaborate with participants to create action plans outlining specific steps they will take to achieve their goals. CoachStation experienced coaches and mentors guide and support graduates throughout the program fostering their professional development. Regular feedback sessions and coaching enable graduates to improve their skills and overcome challenges.

Skill-Building Workshops and Training: We design and facilitate skill-building workshops and training sessions focused on leadership development and workplace integration. Topics such as effective communication, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution, time management, and building professional relationships are included. Tailored training programs address specific skill gaps to ensure that graduates and participants acquire the knowledge and competencies required for their roles. This generally includes professional development, personal growth, leadership skills, and soft skills training.

Leadership Competency Assessment: We can assist you to conduct a leadership competency assessment at the beginning of the program to identify each participant’s strengths and areas for development. The participant can then use the assessment results to work with their coach and immediate leader to customise coaching plans and target specific leadership competencies for improvement.

Workplace Integration Support: One of the biggest benefits occurs when we provide guidance and support to help participants navigate the organisational culture, norms, and dynamics of their industry and workplaces. Through decades of experience, we act as a sounding board and offer insights on building relationships, managing workloads, seeking opportunities for growth, and understanding the organisation’s structure and operations.

Performance Evaluation and Feedback: We conduct regular performance evaluations to assess participants’ progress in leadership development and workplace integration. This includes meaningful and constructive feedback on their strengths, areas for improvement, and strategies to enhance each particpant’s effectiveness as a leader and team member.

Ongoing Support and Resources: Our caohes and mentors offer ongoing support to participants through additional resources, articles, blogs, and assessments related to leadership and professional development. It is critical for us to maintain open lines of communication to address any challenges or concerns participants may have during their transition into the workplace.

The benefits for coaching and mentoring participants in the CoachStation graduate program are numerous and can greatly enhance the overall program experience, including:

Individualised Development: Coaching and mentoring provide personalised attention to participants, allowing them to receive guidance tailored to their specific needs, strengths, and areas for improvement. This individualised approach facilitates targeted skill development and maximises their growth potential.

Knowledge Transfer and Skill Building: Coaches and mentors share their expertise, experience, and industry knowledge with participants. This knowledge transfer helps participants acquire valuable insights, best practices, and practical skills that may not be covered in formal training sessions.

Career Guidance and Direction: Coaches and mentors can assist participants in setting career goals, identifying their strengths, and exploring potential career paths. Through regular discussions and feedback, they can help participants align their aspirations with their skills and interests, facilitating their career progression.

Networking Opportunities: Our coaches and mentors have extensive professional networks. This provides an ‘industries-wide’ perspective and can expand participants’ professional connections, collaboration and future growth.

Increased Confidence and Motivation: Effective coaching and mentoring instil a sense of confidence and self-belief in participants. They receive support and encouragement, helping them overcome challenges and develop resilience. This, in turn, boosts their motivation and commitment to the program, employer and their professional development.

Accelerated Learning: By receiving guidance and feedback from experienced professionals, participants can expedite their learning and avoid common pitfalls. Coaches and mentors share practical insights, offer real-world perspectives, and provide constructive criticism that enables participants to learn from their experiences.

Personal Growth and Self-Awareness: Coaching and mentoring facilitate self-reflection and self-awareness among participants. Through introspective discussions, participants gain a deeper understanding of their strengths and opportunities. This self-awareness contributes to their personal growth and helps participants develop a growth mindset.

Retention and Engagement: The presence of coaches and mentors within a graduate program enhances participant satisfaction and engagement. Participants feel valued, supported, and invested in, which increases their likelihood of remaining committed to the program and the organization offering it.

Long-Term Development: The benefits of coaching and mentoring extend beyond the duration of the graduate program. Participants can establish long-term relationships with their mentors, continuing to receive guidance and support even after the program ends. This ongoing support contributes to their continuous development and career advancement.

The CoachStation young leaders and graduate program plays a crucial role in enhancing the learning experience, skill development, and career growth of participants at a critical point of their career.

The personalised attention, guidance, and support provided by our coaches and mentors has a significant positive impact on participants’ professional journeys.

Contact CoachStation to discuss how we may be able to assist you and your high potential young leaders.