April 28, 2020

Learn to Lead Remotely

To lead remotely, is to reinforce many of the leadership skills that are required in any business situation. But, the need to master them is enhanced. Why has remote working become so attractive to millions of people?

Organisations, are trying to reduce costs in difficult economic times. This includes real estate costs and reducing the business physical footprint. As a result of globalisation, organisations are also becoming more distributed, and the actual locations of their employees or members is not as important as it once was. In fact, some government organisations mandate a certain number of employees to work remotely as part of the organisation’s recovery planning.

These are the financial and policy reasons. Of course, we have all been working through the recent Covid-19 pandemic too. This has forced many managers to reassess their view of the effectiveness of remote working.

CoachStation: Learn to  Lead Remotely
Photo by Dayne Topkin on Unsplash

Individuals want to work remotely for many reasons. Some want to stay in their home town and work for the same company after the local company office has closed. Others work on a temporary basis for different companies, which makes physically moving to be near a company office impractical and unnecessary.

One of the biggest challenges is for managers to develop and maintain the capability to lead remote employees. As with all leadership skills, these attributes and skills can be learned.

CoachStation specialises in developing leaders who manage remote teams. We have found that the opportunity to master the necessary kills to lead remotely can be developed through a series of specific learning modules, supported by tailored coaching and mentoring sessions.

If you lead employees who work either fully or partially external to the office, the CoachStation Leadership Development programs will make sure you have the necessary skills and confidence to excel.

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