January 20, 2016

Our Team

The CoachStation team consists of carefully selected coaches, facilitators/trainers and consultants who share and live our values and beliefs, ensuring our success is not compromised by the pursuit of our next client or being too large to truly care about making a difference.

We have learned that effective leadership drives business performance. A genuine and ethically motivated culture of ongoing development means that whenever and whoever we help feels the benefit of working with a team that cares about people and the impact they have on any organisation. As a result we have gained an enviable reputation in helping leaders ‘make the difference’ for themselves, their organisation and customers.

Steve Riddle
 has a career spanning over 3 decades across multiple industries, primarily in leadership roles. A focus and passion for developing people, businesses and organisations has made a genuine difference that has been acknowledged by all of Steve’s clients and business partners. In 2012 Steve formed CoachStation focused on delivering effective and meaningful coaching, mentoring, advising and consulting services across many industries.

Steve has dedicated the last twenty years to driving business improvement, transformational and cultural change within many industries and organisations. Previous roles have included Head of Customer Service and Complaints for Toyota Finance Australia and National Customer Experience Leader for GE Money. Steve is recognised as a values-driven leader and coach who has the strongest desire to assist people to turn what they know into what they do.

The opportunity for organisations to focus on people – employees and customers – has never been so essential and strategically opportunistic, yet still remains a tick box exercise for too many.
Steve Riddle, Director

Amanda TaylorAmanda Taylor has a deep interest in supporting individuals to grow both personally and professionally and for improving organisational culture so that employees love coming to work. Acquiring skills and experience working in family businesses and over 15 years in HR and Organisational Development within multinational companies and local government. Amanda is driven to assist others based on the correlation between positive organisational culture, where there is a strong meaningful focus on people, and the direct impact this has on the overall success of an organisation.

Amanda’s contribution to organisations who were undertaking large scale cultural transformation and direct involvement with management teams in building leadership capability to drive the change required has been significant.

Whether you are looking to lead yourself, lead others, improve performance or achieve better health, I can assist; guiding you to achieve your full potential and be the best “You.”
Amanda Taylor, Business Associate

CoachStation Team: Julie RiddleJulie Riddle has over 22 years of contribution to and experience in customer service focused industries and roles. Julie has depth of experience and capability across a range of roles, including: Human Resources; Quality Management; Learning and Development; Facilitation; Recruitment; Policy, Procedure and Document creation; Contractor Management; Project Coordination and Support.

Julie has a passion and desire to establish effective relationships with all clients, delivering significant improvements in learning processes, productivity and quality whilst maintaining high standards in attention to detail, communication and delivery.

Helping clients and business to understand the importance of aligning people and process, policy and culture has always driven me. The ability to influence through effective communication, development and leadership is how we make the difference.
Julie Riddle, Business Partner

CoachStation Team: Richard PowellRichard Powell is an experienced Learning and Development professional with an inspirational focus on developing people through facilitation, coaching and practice. With over 10 years’ experience in a variety of fields and organisations, Richard has well developed skills in small and large workshop delivery, problem solving and leadership. His passions are many, however Richard continues to make a difference through his ability to influence understanding and most importantly, action and practice, through effective training, facilitation and leadership capability.

Richard is highly effective in partnering with business leaders to influence and assist employees towards achievement targets, using his L&D expertise to drive effective support, coaching and improvement. With an energetic style, role fulfilment is achieved by being able to be “hands on” and delivering results that illustrate well thought out outcomes.

I am driven to engage and improve individual performance by developing people to their fullest potential, through inspirational facilitation, coaching and practice.
Richard Powell, Business Associate


Louise Healy: CoachStationLouise Healy has been designing and delivering leadership development programs to individual leaders and groups for over 14 years. Her contribution to CoachStation is exceptional knowledge of contemporary leadership development practice and a real understanding of what works effectively. Louise’s interest in the human brain and how people learn and change ensures the programs she designs and delivers have practicality and sustainability at their core. Her experience has uncovered that most change initiatives are not successful because they fail to address underlying mindsets that drive behaviour. This is expressed in the view that knowing your mind is the first step in changing your mind.

Prior to working in the leadership development field Louise led teams in convention management, vocational and educational training and the community sector. Louise has postgraduate qualifications in psychology. Her passion in leadership is helping people to realise they are capable of adapting to any situation by knowing themselves and being themselves.

Being a partner in CoachStation provides me with an opportunity to make a real difference in the way people lead their teams, connect with others and achieve tangible results. 
Louise Healy, Business Associate