May 11, 2020

Remote Management Leadership Development Program

Leadership development is always important. No more so than now.

The CoachStation Remote Management Leadership Development program is designed to provide the knowledge and skills to lead a team either remotely, across multiple sites and locations and/or in a work from home environment.

Technology, globalisation, Covid-19, organisational expectations and culture, along with many other factors have contributed to the need for leadership to continue to regenerate. Many recent studies have identified leadership as a key barrier to remote working success.

Despite recognition of this gap, many businesses are yet to formulate a plan to rectify the issue.

As organisations continue to grow, the practice of remote management will play a progressively more important role in influencing overall organisational effectiveness.


CoachStation: Remote Management Development


Outcomes and Benefits

  • Become a more effective leader – understand how to effectively lead a team in a remote working environment.
  • Personalised and tailored development, based on you and your needs.
  • Recognise where the needs and situations differ between local and remote employees.
  • Use technology and tools to the best advantage to minimise the impact of leading remotely and maximise the key principles of leadership.
  • Apply learned techniques, skills and abilities to lead more effectively. Expected improvement will be seen in communication capability; building and giving trust; accountability; results and outcomes; team management effectiveness; and employee development.
  • Improved self-awareness, satisfaction, personal and professional growth.
  • Flexible learning and payment options designed to meet your lifestyle and needs.
  • Depth of leadership knowledge, competency and skills – increase prospects for promotion.
  • Outstanding value – your investment provides ongoing benefits and rewards that far outweigh the program cost and time.

Program Structure

The CoachStation Remote Management Leadership Development program is a self-paced course. All participants have access to 12 months of 1:1 Coaching and Mentoring across 8 sessions. This is supported through online access to relevant materiel supporting your learning and actions.

Additionally, throughout the program each client participates in two 1:1 coaching sessions, designed to cover any subject of choice.

Possible focus areas could be to reinforce themes and topics from the program; seek assistance with specific challenges or issues; or seek a sounding board to share or validate ideas.

This program is designed for new and experienced leaders alike, as the issues existing in modern leadership are as applicable for supervisors as for executive level leaders.

Training and related learning are most effective when reinforced during and immediately afterwards, within the client’s organisational culture and real-life situation. Learning is a ‘total experience’ and CoachStation offers the opportunity for additional coaching or mentoring. This ensures the core learning is applied and that the knowledge gained leads to sustained, long-term change.