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For many years I stumbled my way through opportunities given to me based on my “Natural Abilities”.  But with all these opportunities I never found a way to differentiate between these natural abilities and my strengths, which left me wandering in a “middle ground wilderness”, unable to convert these opportunities into successes.  Using a great balance of drive, humour, directness and humility Steve enabled me to be myself and therefore take real ownership of my development for the first time.  His patience in working with me to identify that my strengths were not necessarily the things that were the easiest for me is one of the greatest gifts a leader can give.

This realisation allowed me to stretch and push myself in ways I had never thought or dreamed. Steve conducts himself with a level of integrity in all that he does that is inspiring, but never intimidating. Steve helped me achieve many things professionally, but his ability to connect with me as a person has, I believe, had a great influence on preparing me for the most important role of all – parent.  Thank you Steve – you have definitely made a difference.

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