It has changed the way I approach my day to day work as well as my personal life at home

I have been working with CoachStation for a few years now not only for myself as a business leader but also with my leadership team for their own personal and professional development. Steve’s program has had a huge impact on me personally as well as my leadership team. Over the years I have been on many management courses and coaching sessions. Being coached and mentored by Steve has been the most effective to date. It has changed the way I approach my day to day work as well as my personal life at home. Some of the discussions we had were quite confronting for me but Steve’s approach to coaching and mentoring made these realisations clear and concise. I have already seen the benefits of this coaching and would not only recommend Steve’s services but encourage you to seek out Steve if you are committed to make positive changes to yourself and your business / employees. My team have also been the beneficiary of coaching from Steve and I can say it has made a massive impact to our effectiveness as a team as well as our engagement.

His coaching has enabled us as individuals to grow, understand ourselves, become more effective in the workplace (and at home) and walk away with some very useful tools to continue our journey. I look forward to continually working with Steve and place more of my leadership team through his program as it genuinely drives results and engagement for us. Thank you Steve and CoachStation!

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