Now able to more effectively manage stressful situations

I’ve had the privilege of being a client of Steve’s via Coach Station for a 6 month personal and professional development journey. In that time, Steve became an extremely important part of my professional working life. During my time being coached by Steve he helped me to achieve a wide range of personal leadership and professional development goals.

Steve consistently challenged my thoughts and behaviours in relation to being a leader which was accomplished by providing me with honest feedback which helped me achieve a baseline at the beginning of my journey with CoachStation. Steve has provided me with a wide selection of resources throughout my journey which included written and digital material which I found extremely useful and helped me throughout my journey. I am now able to more effectively manage stressful situations, while continuing to be able to provide a high level of support to my team in relation to helping them achieve their performance goals.

Steve has transformed my life, my thought processes and I believe that I am a better person and a better leader!!