Steve is an excellent coach

I have been working with CoachStation (Steve) for 6 months and appreciate the passion, care and accountability he demonstrates – Steve is an excellent coach. I have (and continue to) grow through the process. The first tangible benefit I got was understanding more about myself, my values and how they contribute to delivering strong leadership, setting an example for others regardless of role.

I have grown and tested new approaches between sessions, achieving different results (often improved, as well as maximising learning opportunities about myself, process, my team and my peers). Committing to a coaching program with Steve has helped me to be a more effective leader. Knowing I have an unbiased advocate for my success has elevated my ability to deal with complex situations, driving me to have more robust and balanced analysis. I push myself to honestly reflect and posed more detailed/specific/contrarian questions before being pushed – knowing the further I can get myself, the more I position myself for the next session to engage with Steve and take it the next step to support action and outcomes.

If you are considering investing in a coach, Steve is an exceptional choice. It’s not magic, it takes work, tenacity and commitment. It’s very likely they’ll be some challenges mixed in (life and business do that!). Steve has added a lot of value in a short period of time – I started the first session with a commitment to go all in and left knowing I’d made a great choice. Every subsequent session started with outcomes to share and concluded leaving me energised and ready to continue to the next level.

Steve, thank you for your skill, generosity and absolute commitment, I look forward to continuing to build on my leadership capability and share future successes.