Tony Tzoumacas, Project Manager

I have worked with, and for, Steve for over 6 months and have been inspired by his leadership and drive to deliver much needed change. Personally he has helped me develop and reach my full potential in a remarkably short period of time. Steve’s value system is evident in his personal style and desire to truly make a difference. Whether through one on one coaching or team presentations, he has managed to positively influence not only his team, but various departments throughout the organisation, resulting in much improved visibility and  productivity for our business.  It his respect for others and desire to make a difference that makes Steve a stand-out in the organisation.

His passion, engagement and honesty are evident in his dealings with others and it is these attributes that have made Steve a success. (It’s no wonder everyone wants to join his team!) – I only hope I am fortunate enough to work with him again in the future.

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