September 12, 2012


We know that leadership effectiveness has a direct correlation to customer satisfaction and employee engagement. Helping organisations and leaders translate this philosophy into practical development and success is our goal. One of our core objectives is to make sure that business leaders have the capability, skills and confidence to perform at their highest level.

It is for these reasons that we are both proud and humbled by feedback and testimonials provided by those who our team have worked with.

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Respect for others and desire to make a difference that makes Steve a stand-out

I have worked with, and for, Steve for over 6 months and have been inspired by his leadership and drive to deliver much needed change. Personally he has helped me develop and reach my full potential in a remarkably short period of time. Steve’s value system is evident in his personal style and desire to truly make a difference. Whether through one on one coaching or team presentations, he has managed to positively influence not only his team, but various departments throughout the organisation, resulting in much improved visibility and  productivity for our business.  It his respect for others and desire to make a difference that makes Steve a stand-out in the organisation.

His passion, engagement and honesty are evident in his dealings with others and it is these attributes that have made Steve a success. (It’s no wonder everyone wants to join his team!) – I only hope I am fortunate enough to work with him again in the future.

Tony Tzoumacas, Project Manager
Toyota Finance Australia

It has changed the way I approach my day to day work as well as my personal life at home

I have been working with CoachStation for a few years now not only for myself as a business leader but also with my leadership team for their own personal and professional development. Steve’s program has had a huge impact on me personally as well as my leadership team. Over the years I have been on many management courses and coaching sessions. Being coached and mentored by Steve has been the most effective to date. It has changed the way I approach my day to day work as well as my personal life at home. Some of the discussions we had were quite confronting for me but Steve’s approach to coaching and mentoring made these realisations clear and concise. I have already seen the benefits of this coaching and would not only recommend Steve’s services but encourage you to seek out Steve if you are committed to make positive changes to yourself and your business / employees. My team have also been the beneficiary of coaching from Steve and I can say it has made a massive impact to our effectiveness as a team as well as our engagement.

His coaching has enabled us as individuals to grow, understand ourselves, become more effective in the workplace (and at home) and walk away with some very useful tools to continue our journey. I look forward to continually working with Steve and place more of my leadership team through his program as it genuinely drives results and engagement for us. Thank you Steve and CoachStation!

Ruwan Wijetunga
Toyota Financial Services

Now able to more effectively manage stressful situations

I’ve had the privilege of being a client of Steve’s via Coach Station for a 6 month personal and professional development journey. In that time, Steve became an extremely important part of my professional working life. During my time being coached by Steve he helped me to achieve a wide range of personal leadership and professional development goals.

Steve consistently challenged my thoughts and behaviours in relation to being a leader which was accomplished by providing me with honest feedback which helped me achieve a baseline at the beginning of my journey with CoachStation. Steve has provided me with a wide selection of resources throughout my journey which included written and digital material which I found extremely useful and helped me throughout my journey. I am now able to more effectively manage stressful situations, while continuing to be able to provide a high level of support to my team in relation to helping them achieve their performance goals.

Steve has transformed my life, my thought processes and I believe that I am a better person and a better leader!!

Drew Reese, Manager

I have never left a session without an “aha” moment

Steve from CoachStation has had a significant positive impact on my professional life. I have been lucky enough to have accessed many professional development opportunities throughout my career, however can honestly say that the time I spend with Steve has been the most beneficial and rewarding. Steve is honest and tells it like it is with 100% support. I find his approach holistic, and the tools and strategies he uses are extremely effective. I have never left a session without an “aha” moment.

Aimee Michell
Facilities Co-Ordinator

Stunned how your performance as a leader with your organisation or business can improve

I have been working with Steve for around 2 years. Steve has had the ability to enable me to understand who I am in the workforce, and how to utilise my strengths. To actually realise this, he has enabled me to work with my strengths and improve where I needed to. So, if you are ready to learn how to grow from within, engage with Steve Riddle and you will be stunned how your performance as a leader with your organisation or business can improve.

Laurence Blacka, Manager

I am keen to recognise the difference you have made in my life

Steve from CoachStation has had a profound impact on my business and personal life. Steve’s genuine and personal investment in my development helped me identify the type of leader I aspire to be. Throughout the coaching sessions we developed my capabilities on the attributes synonymous with great leaders. Steve equipped me with a myriad of practical techniques which include transforming strategies into sustainable progress. I can’t thank Steve enough.

Joe White, Sales Manager

Leading in a changing world

With the amount of change in our organisation and society, it is both a business and personal priority to develop myself and my teams so as to not only achieve the desired goals, but in a manner that is consistent with one’s core values. This course has been both enjoyable and rewarding in developing the necessary skills and awareness. The positive impact on myself, my team and my personal life is immeasurable. Thank you Steve and the team at CoachStation!

Senior Manager
Financial Services

One of the most enriching experiences of my career

Having the opportunity to be coached by Steve is by far one of the most enriching experiences of my career. The one on one and group sessions were both engaging and challenging. The experience and growth that I have gained through CoachStation has improved my work and personal life. I would encourage anyone considering coaching for themselves or their team to have a chat with Steve.

Chris Galatidis

Talk to Steve at CoachStation, it will probably be the best conversation you ever have.

Ultimately, you must be happy with what you see in the mirror every morning. To get there, you need to understand and accept yourself. Do you know your personal values and preferences, and understand how these influence every aspect of your personal and professional life?

Steve encourages and empowers you to answer the hard questions about yourself, for yourself, while offering guidance and caring support. It can be confronting. It’s not easy. From experience, answering these questions honestly is absolutely liberating; I am personally and professionally enriched. Talk to Steve at CoachStation, it will probably be the best conversation you ever have.

Mackenzie Muir
Toyota Financial Services

Highly valued personal tailored approach

I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Steve over the last several years, both personally and also with my team. I was at a certain point in my career (and life) when Steve was engaged to assist but his approach and support goes far beyond that which I had anticipated prior to commencing. Steve comes from a genuine place and at all times his interest was firmly about my success in whatever format that was. I highly valued his personal tailored approach to my particular needs, values and personal situation.

Further to that his approach is highly practical enabling my growth to be built on real relationships, real challenges and real interactions not textbooks. I can honestly say that Steve’s involvement has contributed to our teams high performance including record staff engagement levels, record financial results and higher customer satisfaction. The unexpected benefit I didn’t see coming at the start of our relationship is that from my time with Steve I am now a much better husband, father, son and friend as well which you really can’t put a price on. If you are prepared to invest, I would highly recommend Steve’s services to anyone who is looking to develop their professional and personal life.

Craig Carlson, Sales Manager
Toyota Finance Australia

Coaching and Mentoring

Within minutes of meeting Steve, I could tell that he was a person who was going to help me shape my own future. His awareness, skills and deep authenticity to help others was immediately evident and I am very thankful to have been fortunate enough to work with Steve.

Steve very quickly assessed where I was at professionally and personally, and adjusted his program and sessions to ensure it was tailored to challenge me and prompt me to take the next step with confidence.

Finally I would say that Steve doesn’t shy away from what you need to hear. Steve will call it out, call you out, and then help you figure out – exactly what I needed.

Ian Spirit-Jones
Toyota Financial Services

Steve is an excellent coach

I have been working with CoachStation (Steve) for 6 months and appreciate the passion, care and accountability he demonstrates – Steve is an excellent coach. I have (and continue to) grow through the process. The first tangible benefit I got was understanding more about myself, my values and how they contribute to delivering strong leadership, setting an example for others regardless of role.

I have grown and tested new approaches between sessions, achieving different results (often improved, as well as maximising learning opportunities about myself, process, my team and my peers). Committing to a coaching program with Steve has helped me to be a more effective leader. Knowing I have an unbiased advocate for my success has elevated my ability to deal with complex situations, driving me to have more robust and balanced analysis. I push myself to honestly reflect and posed more detailed/specific/contrarian questions before being pushed – knowing the further I can get myself, the more I position myself for the next session to engage with Steve and take it the next step to support action and outcomes.

If you are considering investing in a coach, Steve is an exceptional choice. It’s not magic, it takes work, tenacity and commitment. It’s very likely they’ll be some challenges mixed in (life and business do that!). Steve has added a lot of value in a short period of time – I started the first session with a commitment to go all in and left knowing I’d made a great choice. Every subsequent session started with outcomes to share and concluded leaving me energised and ready to continue to the next level.

Steve, thank you for your skill, generosity and absolute commitment, I look forward to continuing to build on my leadership capability and share future successes.

Chris Reed
Auto & General Insurance

The values assessment was awesome

This program has made me more conscious and aware of the emotional intelligence factors. It has given me the realisation that to be a better leader and improve relationship, one needs to really take note of the emotional intelligence elements and be able to step in another person’s shoes to understand where they’re coming from.

I’m more self and socially aware of the interactions and have adapted my interaction style into more collaborative than directing. The results of this is the great team I now have around me – the relationships have improved and have personally received good feedback on this. The “values” assessment was awesome. I’ve never really done a values assessment before and this was an eye opener in terms of what is important to me and how it relates to the emotions I’m feeling when working with others. If you want to improve your leadership skill and relationship building then definitely CoachStation is your next stop. I personally improved a lot from this and am applying the learning daily.

Sukhdev, IT Manager

Making a difference through coaching…Steve has been a fundamental part of my development journey

I first met Steve just over 13 years ago. Steve took me under his wing and taught me the true meaning of professional development as I focused on building my leadership skills as quickly as possible. This experience of professional development through Coaching and Mentoring was a game-changer in my career.

The thing I value most about my relationship with Steve is the open honest and real conversations we have, which has brought a depth to our relationship that ensures meaningful personal and professional development. Through Steve I have learnt the importance of effective communication and meaningful relationships, and through the practice of these things my ability to build relationships, influence and manage teams effectively has sky rocketed. My self awareness and emotional intelligence has also grown to a point where I am confident to support others on this journey.

Steve has been a fundamental part of my development journey over the years and words cannot describe how grateful I am for all of my opportunities to work with him. He is like no other Coach or Mentor I have come across, and I cannot recommend him highly enough if it is meaningful change and results that you or your organisation is desiring.

Making a difference is important to Steve, and that is most definitely what he does.

Amanda Taylor

No development program has been close to being as effective

I have been fortunate to be able to participate in a leadership coaching program with CoachStation for the past 18 months. I have completed management and mentoring programs in the past, but none have been close to being as effective as Steve’s program. For me the key differences lie in the personalised approach and the genuine care Steve takes in getting to know your situation, challenges and aspirations. Steve is an amazing coach!

From that platform, the program Steve designs for you really takes form and the journey becomes one that engages and challenges you as a manager and mentor. I recommend CoachStation without hesitation. Wishing you all the best Steve.

Sylvia Lourey

Steve has shown me what true leadership is

Steve has had a big impact on me and who I am as a leader. He has shown me what true leadership is, and has been integral in completely changing the culture of our team.
He has not only coached and developed our leadership team but has taught us how to effectively coach and develop our own people. Steve has had a big impact on my personal development. The things he has taught me I will take with me and be able to use and build on for the rest of my career. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve and I would not hesitate to take the opportunity to work with him again.

Michael Hubert, Team Leader

My team and I are both continuing to benefit from the coaching

I have had the opportunity to work with Steve as a coach/mentor when I was promoted to a new position in my workplace. Working with Steve to both assess and improve my leadership skills has not only been a professional gift but a personal one that I can apply to all relationships in my life.  He took the time to know me as an individual and to understand my working environment. The coaching and mentoring  in both one on one and group sessions over the past 9 months have been able to assist me to grow and be a more effective, efficient and a much stronger leader.  My team and I are both continuing to benefit from the coaching that I received from Steve and for this encouragement and support, I thank you.

Jo Janhsen, Team Leader

You quickly get a clear sense of the skills and behaviours that make effective leaders

I had the privilege and opportunity to participate over the course of 12 months in CoachStation’s coaching and mentoring program with Steve. The program pleasantly challenged my understanding of effective leadership and has equipped me with the necessary tools to become a more efficient and effective leader professionally and personally. The program is well structured – from concept to application – Steve distills leading ideas on effective leadership in a way that is easy to understand and apply to tangible situations.

Session by session as you engage with CoachStation’s leadership tools and Steve’s insights, you quickly get a clear sense of the skills and behaviours that make effective leaders. Any individual or organisation that wants to ensure that their leaders (and future leaders) develop effective leadership skills should certainly consider CoachStation’s coaching and mentoring program you will not be disappointed.

Marcus Agyeman
Compliance Manager, TFA

Becoming the best me, I can be.

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to participate in the coaching and mentoring program with Steve over the past 7 months. I was excited going in because of the great things I had heard about Steve’s mentoring style and the previous success he has had with others. I am the type of personality that thrives in a mentoring environment, so I already knew what a positive impact this would be for me, and went into the program with an open mind.

Steve is an expert in his field and because of Steve’s support and useful techniques I have been able grow my skill set and become a more effective leader. We connected on a level I didn’t expect and each session was like peeling the layers off an onion- getting a deeper insight into who I am and who I could be with his guidance and support. Steve has had a big impact on my personal and professional growth journey and who I am as a leader and a person. I have learnt skills and techniques I will remember and implement for the rest of my life.

Courtney Smith

His ability to listen, build trust and provide constructive guidance is exceptional

For the past few months I have had the privilege of working with Steve as a coach. The holistic focus on both work and personal life is valuable particularly in relation to the identification of individual core values which influence our behaviour. His ability to listen, build trust and provide constructive guidance is exceptional.

Steve is genuine in his approach and the relationship we have built has allowed me to open up, self-assess, and take ownership to make the most of the program. As a result I have implemented a number of strategies and modified certain aspects of my approach in my day to day interactions.  My sessions with Steve have been extremely beneficial in terms of my development as a person and people leader. I have no hesitation in recommending Steve and CoachStation for coaching and mentoring programs.

Nabil Ghattas, Enterprise Risk Manager

The value you have added to my life is immeasurable

We often talk about ‘value add’, and how one needs to first earn credibility through role modelling expertise and values as a foundation to do so. Through your leadership skills and the manner by which you conduct yourself, and the passion you display in coaching and empowering others, with an unwavering focus on our personal and professional development, the value you have added to my life is immeasurable.

Steve’s influence on our organisation and my life has been incredible

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to partake in the coaching and mentoring program offered by CoachStation. Steve is inspiring, entertaining, open and engaging. Through Steve’s support and practical techniques I have been able grow and become a more effective local government leader. This program offers a challenging but supportive approach that is delivered with a near perfect balance of teaching, reflection, practice, wit and humour.

Anyone who is looking to improve any facet of their professional life would be well served embarking on a coaching and mentoring journey. Steve’s influence on our organisation and my life has been incredible. I highly recommend CoachStation.

Wes Davis, Service Manager
Redland City Council

Knowledge, professionalism, guidance and positive approach to our sessions was amazing

I was given the opportunity to be mentored and coached by Steve when promoted to a newly created leadership role.  The timing was perfect as I felt  overwhelmed by the enormity of the role and self-doubted my abilities. I immediately clicked with Steve as he created a safe environment that was genuine and supportive.  He helped me identify my personal values, strengths, skills, build my confidence and self- belief in my abilities.  Steve’s knowledge, professionalism, guidance and positive approach to our sessions was amazing.  If you want to develop your leadership skills and be challenged to make a difference, then sign up to Steve’s leadership and mentoring program.

Luisa, Operations Leader

Steve holds and delivers a rare gift in helping others

In my professional career and personal life I have met a number of endearing and wonderful people and Steve is one of these. Steve has a great understanding and knowledge of Leadership, Coaching and Change Management. More importantly, Steve holds and delivers a rare gift in helping others, whether as an individual or a team to achieve their best. Steve has had a profound impact on my personal, professional and business development and this has led to significant improvement in both professional development and business activity and results. I highly recommend anyone to contact and engage with Steve to undertake a unique journey that will lead you to understand your business better and grow as an individual and organisation.

Carl S, Executive Manager

A strongly principled individual who has led by example

Steve was asked to wear many hats in this role: leader, consultant, contact centre manager and trainer. He has handled all these roles with great professionalism. He has, in fact, delivered an 18 month plan in 12 months. Steve is a strongly principled individual who has led by example. He leaves behind a high performing contact centre, scarcely recognisable from the centre Steve was introduced to 2 years ago. We are delighted that he has agreed to continue his working relationship with Toyota Financial Services going forward with a particular focus on leadership.

Gary Leonard, General Manager
Toyota Financial Services

We are proud of our track-record in assisting clients to develop their leadership capability and organisational growth.

Thank you to those clients and coachees who we have had the privilege to work with and assist in your development.