September 19, 2012

Coaching & Mentoring

Coaching and mentoring are increasingly sought after tools, accessed by business leaders and organisations eager to dedicate development time and resources at an individual level.

Coaching and mentoring drive sustained improvement and adds value to personal goals, business opportunities and results.

As Brisbane based coaches and mentors, the CoachStation team have been engaged by dozens of organisations and coached clients numbering in the hundreds. We have been able to assist business in leadership skills; management capability; team development; communication issues; recruitment assistance; cultural development; relationship building and many other key needs.

We are engaged and commonly re-engaged by our clients based on our ability to help you:

Learn how to solve real problems through real solutions

Become a better manager and leader

Improve influencing skills

Reduce your frustrations

Learn how to become a coaching leader

I feel incredibly fortunate to have been able to partake in the coaching and mentoring program offered by CoachStation. Steve is inspiring, entertaining, open and engaging. Through Steve’s support and practical techniques I have been able grow and become a more effective local government leader. This program offers a challenging but supportive approach that is delivered with a near perfect balance of teaching, reflection, practice, wit and humour.

Anyone who is looking to improve any facet of their professional life would be well served embarking on a coaching and mentoring journey. Steve’s influence on our organisation and my life has been incredible. I highly recommend CoachStation.

Wes Davis, Service Manager – Public Sector

Benefits and improvement are seen in areas such as: improved performance; better client and customer service; increased confidence; effective leadership; enhanced relationships; succession planning and increased goal achievement.

Additionally, coaching and personal development improves self-esteem, self-awareness and other attributes. This growth provides a stronger platform for you to succeed at work and at home.

CoachStation: Coaching and Mentoring Process

Click the graphic to open a PDF version of the CoachStation Coaching and Mentoring Process

Why engage CoachStation for leadership and business coaching and mentoring?

Business coaching increases opportunity for you to develop greater awareness and find solutions through facilitated discussions. As well as in coaching, we use our extensive business experience to provide our clients with relevant examples and insights to guide you to reach your potential. Crucially, the ability to apply change and take action through your own decisions will make the difference.

Why is coaching the best tool for people to make such a significant difference in business and in their personal life? Our own experiences and the ‘Sherpa Guide’ coaching book provide clarity regarding the power of coaching as a personal and professional development tool:

Leadership can be lonely: leaders often feel isolated, unable or unwilling to share information with team members. Additionally, leaders can feel as though they need to have all the answers and can be quite stressful.

Coaching encourages clients to understand themselves: the CoachStation Coaching model works through the coachees situation, identifying development areas and opportunities for growth and improvement. Tools such as StrengthsFinder and Values Assessments identify and develop innate strengths. We use many different resources, all designed as triggers for self-awareness, discussion-points, action and clarity. Targeted and indivualised programs focus on the ‘right’ area which will provide the most benefit.

Coaching enables honesty: In the workplace employees are often allowed to avoid confrontation. They sidestep challenges, procrastinate and sometimes actively or passively refuse to address things that matter the most – few people like confrontation, but when avoided problems continue to build.

Coaching supports change: During inductions, for newly promoted staff and other business change can be supported through coaching and the commitment to develop each individuals skills and competencies.

Coaching develops self: leading to confidence and strength in developing others, a critical step in a leaders development.

Every client has a unique situation, personality, values and beliefs. CoachStation primarily works within the workplace, personal, leadership and business coaching sectors.

We focus on developmental, situational and remedial development and improvement. Through a structured program you will see and feel a difference…and so will those around you.

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