September 18, 2012

Personal Values & Strengths


Successful organisations have identified that the most prominent gains in improvement for individual employees, teams and leaders begins with a primary investment in identifying and working with pre-existing talents and strengths.

It is also important to understand your values and why they matter to you and those closest to you. Understanding your interests and strengths and finding ways to apply them more regularly is also of great benefit.


Knowing about your values improve self-awareness and knowledge of what is most important to you. This knowledge can create a deeper level of self-acceptance. It helps to identify how you act, what motivations drive you and why you react to particular events or situations more than others or in certain ways.

Values can and do change over time. Influences such as environment, parental influence, teachers/schooling, friendship groups, specific situations and many other contributing factors. Importantly, values are shaped through both negative and positive experiences.

Since becoming more aware of what values are and the place they hold in my life I have discovered a stronger sense of comfort that was missing previously. This higher level of self-awareness has been of real benefit to hundreds of our clients.


CoachStation: Values Assessments & The Real-Deal CoachStation uses the Real Deal Values assessment tool developed by Peak Learning. We apply this tool extensively in Coaching and Leadership Development. It is one of the most powerful processes to self-assess and gain a better understanding of your values and what is most important to those closest to you.

Contact CoachStation today to book your personal values assessments session. Discover what you value most and how this may be impacting your work and home life.


Strengths: The key is to discover what traits and talents are most natural for each of us and then build upon these to make them strengths. The CoachStation Strengths Development Programs involve the identification of talents, improved self-awareness, leadership development and actions / changes in behaviour. CoachStation programs include:

Coaching 1:1: Strengths Assessment, leadership focus and individual 1:1 coaching review.

Team Development: 1/2  or 1-day detailed session consisting of individual Strengths assessment, facilitated discussion and team review.

The revolutionary insight common to great managers: people don’t change that much; don’t waste time trying to put in what was left out; try to draw out what was left in; this is hard enough.

M Buckingham & C Coffman

Each participant receives a copy of the book, StrengthsFinder 2.0 by Tom Rath including access to the StrengthsFinder 2.0 assessment.

Our workshops are interactive and action-oriented, always looking to apply new learning and provide knowledge along themes that can become part of what participants do, not just what they know.

CoachStation Development: Strengths Domains

We consistently receive outstanding feedback from our Strengths Leadership and Development Workshops:

Very engaging facilitator whose own experience in management and corporations is clearly evident.

Great eye-opener into where we should be spending our time and effort.

Very insightful to own self and team strengths dynamics. The program has clearly resulted in an actionable plan with a high level of commitment.

Great engagement and management of learning and pace. Everyone should know their strengths: a. I would like 1:1 coaching with Steve b. Steve is a great facilitator

Our programs can be an incredible asset for teams as they develop individual awareness, relationships and deeper understanding of their peers. We have found that this type of program, when applied across an entire team, can offer many benefits, most prominently a greater acceptance of the differences that exist between people i.e. diversity becomes a benefit, not a hindrance.

How we operate as leaders impacts how we are perceived, our effectiveness, engagement and many other critical factors.

Various leadership styles exist and the Strengths-Based learning and development concept is designed to recognise and accentuate the positive aspects of who you are.