December 7, 2012

Remote Management

CoachStation offers leadership development for people who manage team members based in remote sites and/or work from home regularly or occasionally.

Remote management, virtual leadership, teleworking and working from home have become a key part of many organisation’s employee offering. Leading remote teams have been a key part of Steve Riddle’s development as a leader and a person. Steve led various teams nationally for many years at different stages of his career, including team members based nationally and overseas.

At CoachStation, we offer multiple leadership development options for managers of remote teams. All are designed for leaders who work in a remote management or virtual leadership environment and/or lead team members who work from home or telecommute.

Over the past 8 years we have developed hundreds of managers and leaders through coaching, mentoring and facilitating workshops. Many of these leaders manage team members who work external from the office, at least part of the time. This experience and exposure has provided great insight into what makes managing remote teams a different challenge than expected for many.

One of the key aspects of remote management and virtual leadership is the ability to measure results and outputs of each individual team member and the team as a whole. In fact, this is one of the keys to effective leadership in general.

Managing remote teams requires effective leadership, often at a higher level of competence than face-to-face contact. We will ensure that you develop greater leadership capability, a deeper skillset and become a better leader of remote teams as a result of engaging CoachStation.

In a remote environment the opportunity to meet face-to-face is limited. As a result, influencing skills, engagement, measurement, communication and all other critical leadership traits become imperative in application.

The CoachStation Remote Management and Leadership Development programs provide practical learning opportunities. We assist to build competent leaders who are capable of managing in any culture and situation.

Through partnering with you, we will ensure that you become a more effective, efficient and influential leader of remote employees and teams.

Telework Management: Leadership Development for Telework Professionals

What is Remote Management and Virtual Leadership? To use information technology (IT) and effective leadership principles to replace work-related travel. Remote working environments allow employees  to work at home or at a local co-location space one or more days per week. Using communication tools, such as such as Zoom, MS Teams, teleconferencing, or Instant Messaging, to perform work duties from a remote location provides greater flexibility in the modern world. Remote working often forms part of a broader flexible working policy in most organisations, large or small.